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I go by DJ Sox I eat, breath, live music. Each day I challenge myself to get better for my passion of Dj'ing. Music is all around us I just bring it together like a mini story with my own flair...

I live each day as if it's my last because life is not promised... I always try to be the "Exception not the Rule" which makes me that different person from the normal. I don't allow myself to fall in the trap of self doubt . Being me has open so many doors and has allowed me to meet so many people because you never know what I'll pull out new next. I look for people who view life the same way as i do not afraid to be LIVE........

Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, corporate event, or any event involving music, you can count on me to guarantee it will be one that your guests won’t soon forget. As a Professional Wedding & Events DJ. I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact me regarding my rates and available dates. I can assure that you won’t regret working with me.

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